MACCPF welcomes your family!

a bit about us

MACCPF was established in 1987 and has since been an active and integral part of the community through partnerships with agencies that support families. We provide an inclusive, multicultural environment with services available to children with all abilities.

we invite you...

MACCPF encourages parent/guardian participation, and we invite you to spend time with your child in our Centres. The success of our child care programs depends greatly on the parent/guardian’s cooperation and support. Parents can be involved in different capacities:

enrollment & registration


Acceptance into a MACCPF Centre does not guarantee space in the attended school unless the child resides in that catchment area. MACCPF can only provide care for children who are enrolled in the schools where we are located.


Before any child is admitted to a MACCPF Centre, the parent/guardian must visit the Centre with their child, review the Parent Policy with the Site Manager, and complete and sign all registration forms.

Registration Fees

  • $50/child administration fee (non-refundable)
  • $150/child security deposit (refunded at time child is withdrawn)

fees & payment option

unsubsidized fees

Our billing is calculated on a 20-day cycle, as set by the ELCC, Province of Manitoba. Fees are due at the beginning of each billing period.

EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer is the method of payment at MACCPF.

Board of Directors

MACCPF is governed by a Board of Directors that consist of parent/guardian representatives from each site, as well as community members. To ensure the views expressed for each Centre are met, we have equal representation from all locations in attendance. All members meet once a month to discuss topics that relate to the organization.

Annual General Meeting

MACCPF conducts an AGM in the Spring of each calendar year. This is an open meeting to all parents/guardians where we will discuss the business of the organization.