Louis Riel School Division is re-opening Kindergarten Registration today (May 7th), after pausing this process on March 23rd.  All Children who were born in 2015 and who live within Louis Riel School Division boundaries are eligible to attend Kindergarten in September 2020.

At this time, LRSD offers 3 options for registering children for Kindergarten:

1.       Submit Online – Visit and complete the fillable pdf registration form on a computer, upload it and the required support documents as directed on the webpage.

2.       Submit downloaded copy in person – Visit Complete the fillable pdf registration form. Print the completed registration form and other required documents (provided on the registration page).  Put all forms in an envelope addressed to the school and drop it off at the LRSD Board Office at 900 St. Mary’s Rd between 11 am and 1 pm weekdays.

3.       Submit paper copy in person – Pick up a paper registration package at the LRSD Board Office at 900 St. Mary’s Rd between 11 am and 1 pm weekdays.  You will need to fill in the forms at home, copy or take photos of required documents and put them all in an envelope addressed to the school.  Return them to 900 St. Mary’s Rd between 11 am and 1 pm weekdays.

We would appreciate your assistance in getting this information out to the families connected with your centre.  Please encourage families to register their child for kindergarten at their earliest convenience!

Thank you for helping us to welcome our newest learners to Louis Riel School Division,

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Healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Guidelines for Child Care Facilities Unchanged

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 for Manitobans, and access to resource materials for child care providers and families visit

Or visit the Early Learning and Child Care website at

Family Resources for Remote Learning | Child Mind Institute

Family Resources for Remote Learning | Child Mind Institute

50 Easy Science Experiments Kids Can Do At Home With Stuff You Already Have

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COVID-19 Children Focussed Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Covid-19 Children Focused Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Resources for Parent & Caregivers

Download our favorite activities to keep you busy while you’re at home!

Yoga for Kids

Looking for things to keep your children busy with interesting new ideas? Check out these Manitoba links for ideas.

Our Early Childhood Educators are genuine and sincere about their love and commitment to children and quality care.

A positive approach requires E.C.E.’s to use guidance techniques that considers the developmental needs and promotes the children’s interests and cooperation in the classroom through sound management of space, equipment and materials, as well as the children themselves.

Unsubsidized Child Care Fees

Infant: $30/day
Preschool / JK: $20.80/day
School Age: $10.30/day & $20.80/day for in-services

Billing Periods

We make every attempt to issue invoices 1 week before the billing period. Fees are due at the beginning of the billing period whether or not you have received your invoice. Parents are required to pay promptly. If any unforeseen circumstance arises, please notify the Accounts Receivable Department immediately.

Payment Options

MACCPF has transitioned to accepting payments via EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer.

EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer is the only accepted method of payment. A Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement form must be completed. This form is included in your Registration Package or from the Office Administrator.

There are two withdrawal options:

  • Every 4 weeks on the first day of the billing period
  • Every 2 weeks on the first day of the billing period with the balance pulled on the 3rd Monday of the billing period.

In the event Monday falls on a bank holiday the withdrawal will occur on a Tuesday. A copy of the Province of Manitoba Billing Periods is attached to the PAD Agreement Form.

Wait List

Families are encouraged to use the Subsidy Eligibility Estimator tool found at

This tool allows families to enter their specific income and family information to determine if they may be eligible to receive subsidy. 

Parent Involvement

A vital component in your child’s care is your involvement. Without this it is difficult to achieve the quality of care that we all feel is desirable. Parents can be involved in different capacities.

Board Positions

Board members are comprised of parents from each Centre site and may include community members as well. The Board meets monthly, or as needed to discuss issues related to the Centre’s operation. Please contact the Executive Director if you are interested.

Special Skills

We all have a talent that would assist the staff in making the Centre a safe and creative place for your child.


Donating “good junk” that is clean and can be used for crafts and activities.

Field Trips

Providing ideas for field trips that can expand the children’s minds and personal experiences.

Fundraising Assistance

Throughout the year, we stage events and maintain projects to raise funds for new equipment, field trips, etc. All money raised through these events is used to further develop the children’s program.