Our Early Childhood Educators are genuine and sincere about their love and commitment to children and quality care.

A positive approach requires E.C.E.’s to use guidance techniques that considers the developmental needs and promotes the children’s interests and cooperation in the classroom through sound management of space, equipment and materials, as well as the children themselves.

Billing Periods

We make every attempt to issue invoices 1 week before the billing period. Fees are due at the beginning of the billing period whether or not you have received your invoice. Parents are required to pay promptly. If any unforeseen circumstance arises, please notify the Accounts Receivable Department immediately.

Payment Options

MACCPF accepts payment via Money Order, Cheques and Email Money Transfers. Please ensure all cheques are made payable to: Morrow Avenue Child Care. Please ensure your EMT is setup properly. Below are some tips for you to follow, however if you have any issues please contact your financial institution directly:

  • Please send your EMT’s to:
  • Security Question: Favorite Fruit? Answer: apple
  • Please remember to put your child’s full name and site in the comments of your EMT, failure to do so could result in late fees or missed payment.

Wait List

Families are encouraged to use the Subsidy Eligibility Estimator tool found at

This tool allows families to enter their specific income and family information to determine if they may be eligible to receive subsidy. 

Parent Involvement

A vital component in your child’s care is your involvement. Without this it is difficult to achieve the quality of care that we all feel is desirable. Parents can be involved in different capacities.

Board Positions

Board members are comprised of parents from each Centre site and may include community members as well. The Board meets monthly, or as needed to discuss issues related to the Centre’s operation. Please contact the Executive Director if you are interested.

Special Skills

We all have a talent that would assist the staff in making the Centre a safe and creative place for your child.


Donating “good junk” that is clean and can be used for crafts and activities.

Field Trips

Providing ideas for field trips that can expand the children’s minds and personal experiences.

Fundraising Assistance

Throughout the year, we stage events and maintain projects to raise funds for new equipment, field trips, etc. All money raised through these events is used to further develop the children’s program.