505 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg MB

phone (204) 982-6690 (204) 982-6694

Welcome to Lavallee Site, one of ten MACCPF locations. Lavallee joined the MACCPF family in 1998.

General Information

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Centre Hours


Centre hours at each site are determined according to parent requirement and staff availability. Where five or more parents require earlier or later drop off and pick up hours, the Centre will consider a change to the hours of operation.

Site Manager

The Site Manager at Lavallee is Pam.

Please feel free to contact the site manager at any time with questions or concerns.


We offer the following programs at Lavallee Site:

Junior Kindergarten (3-4), Kindergarten (5) and School Age (6-12).  We accept 4 year old children into our 4 year old program!

Helpful Downloads

Centre Schedules

Daily and In-Service schedules are posted here so you know what your child is doing while they are in our care.

 Lavallee Daily Schedule

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