121 Hazelwood Crescent, Winnipeg MB

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Welcome to Dr. D.W. Penner Site, one of ten MACCPF locations. Dr. Penner joined the MACCPF family in 2004.

General Information

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Winter Carnival

We are celebrating the season with a fun Winter Carnival!  With the help from the children, the Penner Team will be hosting different activities, a photo station and providing light snack for families at pick up time, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm, on December 12, 2017! We can’t wait to see you there!

Centre Hours

7:00AM – 5:30PM

Centre hours at each site are determined according to parent requirement and staff availability. Where five or more parents require earlier or later drop off and pick up hours, the Centre will consider a change to the hours of operation.

Site Manager

The Site Manager at Dr. Penner is Ashley.

Please feel free to contact the site manager at any time with questions or concerns.


We offer the following programs at Dr. Penner Site:

Kindergarten (5-6) and School Age (6-12).



  • Children are encouraged to explore, question and discover in a stimulating and controlled environment.
  • We believe that children flourish in a play-based environment that is centred around their interests and ideas.
  • We promote the development of a positive self-concept in an environment that meets children’s individual needs.
  • We believe that communication is vital. Children will be encouraged to use positive or constructive communication to express their feelings and desires.
  • Children will learn that it is their responsibility to respect themselves, respect their peers, respect the staff and respect the environment.
  • It is our belief that outdoor play and risky play are a part of childhood and that children both love it and need it. We will provide a safe environment for children to reach their full potential and to promote confidence in their explorations.

Parents & Guardians:

  • Input, comments and suggestions from parents/guardians are supported and respected.
  • We wish to have a positive rapport with all parents/guardians where open communication is encouraged and appreciated. It is with this open communication that both parents and staff will develop a more cohesive understanding of each child’s needs.
  • Parents/guardians should know that we are here to support them fully and we will do anything within our power to help as needed.


  • We work as a team to provide children with a safe, nurturing, stimulating and fun environment to nurture positive growth and individuality.
  • We understand that each child is an individual with unique combinations of needs and abilities. Individual attention will be paid to reflect this understanding and to build a positive relationship with each child.
  • We will provide an environment that fosters children’s creativity and imagination
  • Programming and activities will be implemented based on the interests and needs of the children.

Together children, parents and staff join together to make our Penner family!

Helpful Downloads

Centre Schedules

Daily and In-Service schedules are posted here so you know what your child is doing while they are in our care.

Dr. Penner Junior School Age Schedule

Dr. Penner Senior School Age Schedule