An infant and toddler program is available at Centre 24/7 and Salvation Army Site.


As of July 7, 2013, the following is the fee for infants, as determined by Manitoba Early Learning and
Child Care: $30/day.

Infant Curriculum

  • Staff organize interactions and build relationships to promote learning and development
    between staff and infants and among infants.
  • Staff build relationships with families and convey information to parents/guardians about their infant’s well-being, learning and development.
  • Staff organize the space and materials to promote learning and development.
  • Children’s individual schedules are accommodated.
  • Staff organize time and transitions to support learning and development.
  • Staff identify the connection between each infant’s experiences and domains of development.
  • Staff reflect and represent all infants, their families and the community, and intentionally expose them to similarities and differences in terms of diversity.